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Special Enrollment

Open enrollment has ended. You can still enroll for coverage if you have a qualifying life event that gives you a Special Enrollment Period. You will be required to provide proper documentation before your coverage becomes effective. Learn about qualifying events to see if you qualify. 

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Why Blue Option?

Our members get access numerous exclusive services, including greater access to care, added convenience and helpful savings.

Check out some of the perks of being a Blue Option member.

Never miss another message from us. Get important information delivered right to your phone when you sign up for our text messages.

Messages include:
  • Keys to using your coverage

  • Health and wellness reminders

  • Ways you can save

... and more!

To get started, simply call 844-206-0622. You'll need to have your member ID card ready. 

Just how easy is it? Watch this quick video:

Our members have the power to visit with a doctor anytime, anywhere with Blue CareOnDemand. All you need is a computer or smartphone device.

During a video visit, the doctor will ask questions, answer questions, diagnose a patients' symptoms and, if appropriate, call in a prescription to their local pharmacy. Behavioral health and lactation consulting services are also available.

Types of conditions doctors can treat:
  • Cold and flu symptoms

  • Bronchitis and other respiratory infections

  • Sinus infections

  • Pinkeye

  • Ear infections

  • Allergies

  • Migraines

  • Rashes and other skin irritations

  • Urinary tract infections

... and more!

Discover Blue CareOnDemand

Our members get access to the FOCUSfwd Wellness Incentive Program. FOCUSfwd rewards you for completing certain health-related challenges to help encourage a healthy lifestyle.

You can complete our FOCUS Points, GET FIT and Nutrition programs and receive $80 in rewards. You'll also increase your chances of winning one of the $1,000 quarterly and $5,000 annual cash rewards in our Sweepstakes.

Learn More About FOCUSfwd

Everyone needs some advice from time to time.

That's why My Life Consult offers you and others in your household a total of three free life management sessions to help tackle some of life's most challenging decisions.

Services include:
  • Financial counseling and planning.

  • Adult care services.

  • College consultation resources.

  • Legal consultations and documents.

  • Child care resources.

  • Parenting or adoption services.

My Life Consult services are offered through First Sun Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Because First Sun EAP is a separate company from BlueChoice® HealthPlan, First Sun EAP is solely responsible for all services related to individual assistance programs.

Mobile app display.

With You Wherever You Go

Your favorite features from the website are now available in a mobile app. With the My Health Toolkit® app, you can:

  • View and share your digital ID card.

  • Check the status of your claims.

  • Confirm your coverage for services.

  • Find a doctor or hospital in your network.

And more!