Remember, these come with every 2019 Blue Option plan! 

Dental Care

Plans include a dental allowance for exams and cleanings. Enjoy an increased reimbursement for preventive care from any South Carolina licensed dentist.

For Adults and Children:

  • One exam every six months: $50 allowance
  • One cleaning every six months: $50 allowance

Members will be responsible for paying any additional balance above what we cover. They will need to submit a dental reimbursement form to BlueChoice® for reimbursement. For example, if your dentist charges you $80 for an initial exam, you will pay your dentist $80 at the time of service. We will reimburse you $50 once we receive your reimbursement form.

Costs incurred from these services do not count toward any MOOP expenses. View our glossary for a definition of MOOP and other health insurance terms.

FOCUSfwd Wellness Incentive Program

To get started, you’ll need to:
  • Login in to My Health Toolkit®
  • Click on the Health and Wellness tab
  • Then click on the FOCUSfwd Incentive Program link
Don’t have a My Health Toolkit account? No problem, set one up today. It just takes a few minutes. 

This program is only available to eligible subscribers and their spouses (aged 18 and older).

Blue CareOnDemand

Visit with a doctor 24/7/365 wherever you are with your smartphone, tablet or computer. Each Blue CareOnDemandSM visit costs the same amount as an office visit with your primary care doctor. Doctors will diagnose and write prescriptions as appropriate. 

Don't wait until you're sick! Download the app via the App Store or Google Play and create a Blue CareOnDemand account today! You can also visit to create an account as well as have a consult with a doctor via computer. When creating your account, remember to enter your member ID. 

Doctors Care

When your doctor is not available and Blue CareOnDemand is not appropriate, choose this option for urgent and after-hours care. You can visit any Doctors Care location across the state for the same price as a primary care physician visit. Find a location and check in at

BlueChoice HealthPlan Wire

We want to make sure you have the most current information about your policy. You can have health information delivered right to your phone with The BlueChoice HealthPlan WireSM, our text messaging tool. You'll get important news and updates about: 

  • How to make the most of your coverage
  • New features or enhancements
  • Health and wellness reminders

To get started, simply call 844-206-0622. You'll need to have your member ID card ready. 

Adult Vision Care

All Blue Option plans include our routine adult vision coverage using the Physicians Eyecare Network (PEN). PEN is an independent company that offers a vision provider network on behalf of BlueChoice HealthPlan.

For adult vision care (ages 19 and over), this includes:

  • $0 copayment for one routine eye exam or one exam for contact lenses per benefit period
  • $45 copayment for one standard contact lens fitting per benefit period.
  • $0 copayment for one pair of eyewear from a designated selection every other benefit period.

For members outside the South Carolina service area, $71 will be allowed toward the routine eye exam and $120 credit will apply to the purchase of eyewear. The member must file claims.

Please note that you must visit an in-network provider to receive this benefit. Consult your PEN provider for information on discounts for which you may be eligible if you elect to receive eyewear/contact lenses outside the standard designated selection.

Costs incurred from these services do not count toward MOOP expenses.

Life Management Services

Everyone needs some advice from time to time. First Sun EAP provides a broad array of services designed to help people and encourage success. Because First Sun is a separate company from BlueChoice HealthPlan, First Sun will be responsible for all services related to life management services. These services are free to members and those in their households. All covered family members will have a total of three free sessions of their choice.

Services include:

  • Financial counseling
  • Adult care resources
  • College consultation resources
  • Legal services
  • Child care resources
  • Parenting/ Adoption resources

Dedicated professionals are available to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 800-968-8143.

This benefit is non-essential and does not count toward any MOOP. View our glossary for a definition of MOOP and other health insurance terms.