Meru Health

Manage Anxiety and Depression with Meru Health*

If you have moderate to severe anxiety or depression, Meru Health’s 12-week program is proven to reduce symptoms long-term.

You’ll meet virtually with a licensed therapist, then begin the program via the app. The program has weekly themed mindfulness practices and behavioral techniques to help regulate emotions, improve sleep and enhance nutrition. You can chat daily with your therapist, get a referral to a psychiatrist if needed, receive a wearable biofeedback monitor to manage your body’s physical reaction to stress, and have access to anonymous peer support groups for encouragement. Everything is 100 percent confidential, and you will have lifetime access to in-app resources after completing the program.

Meru Health is a free resource for members. 

*Meru Health is an independent company that provides behavioral health services on behalf of BlueChoice HealthPlan.