Blue CareOnDemand MDLIVE FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

Blue CareOnDemand Powered by MDLIVE


MDLIVE is an independent company that offers telehealth services on behalf of BlueChoice® HealthPlan. 

What if I need a telehealth appointment?

Access Blue CareOnDemand through your My Health Toolkit® account.

What do I need to do to be sure I’m ready for a telehealth appointment?

Be sure to take these steps:

  1. Access Blue CareOnDemand Powered by MDLIVE® by logging in to your My Health Toolkit account.
  2. From your desktop, visit to log in. Select Providers & Services, then Blue CareOnDemand. From the My Health Toolkit app, select Find Care, then Video Visit.
  3. Follow the instructions to register for the updated Blue CareOnDemand experience.
Can I select a specific Blue CareOnDemand doctor?

Yes, you can select a specific Blue CareOnDemand doctor based on your preferences or choose to see the next available doctor.

Are Blue CareOnDemand doctors as qualified as doctors in an office?

Yes, Blue CareOnDemand doctors are board-certified with an average of 15 years of experience.

How does the Blue CareOnDemand doctor get to know me during a virtual visit?

Just like at an in-person visit, the Blue CareOnDemand doctor reviews your medical history and specific concerns before the consultation. The Blue CareOnDemand doctor will ask questions to identify symptoms and give you a diagnosis and treatment plan during the visit.

During the visit, can Blue CareOnDemand doctors write prescriptions?

When clinically appropriate, Blue CareOnDemand doctors can write new prescriptions and send them electronically to your preferred pharmacy. Blue CareOnDemand doctors can also renew existing prescriptions if your primary care doctor is not available.