Life Management Services

Everyone needs some advice from time to time. First Sun provides a broad array of services designed to help people and encourage success. Because First Sun is a separate company from BlueChoice HealthPlan, First Sun will be responsible for all services related to life management. These services are free to members and those in their households. All covered family members will have a total of three free sessions of their choice.

Services include:  

Financial Counseling - Financial counselors assist with planning for retirement, reorganizing the family budget and dealing with a financial crisis.

College Consultation Resources - Consultants are available for students and working adults who desire assistance in the college search or identifying resources such as financial aid, test preparation and educational plans.

Legal Services - contains a wealth of personal and legal documents, and legal information. You may also call for a free legal consultation. All legal services are provided by licensed attorneys.

School Assistance - Resources are available to help parents choose an appropriate school, prepare children for school and assist children with school achievement. 


Adult Care Resources - Receive an assessment from consultants for needs involving elderly and disabled adults. Get resources, referral information and support for caregivers. Parenting & Adoption Resources - For parents who want to adopt, consultants can provide referrals to adoption attorneys, placement agencies, domestic and international adoption agencies, fertility specialists and clinics, etc.
Child Care Resources - Consultants advise how to select child care resources and address child care needs including routine day care needs, special need care, swing shift needs and summer camps. Pet Care - Consultants offer comprehensive pet care referral services to assist with veterinary selection, emergency care, grooming, obedience classes, boarding, pet sitting and the like.

Dedicated professionals are available to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Crisis calls are handled immediately and all appointments will be scheduled in a timely manner. Call 800-968-8143 or visit The First Sun website offers detailed information about your benefits, articles, self-assessments and more. Information about financial planning and financial calculators are also available online.