Wellness Incentive Program

Healthier AND Wealthier With FOCUSfwd

The FOCUSfwd Wellness Incentive Program continues to encourage and provide incentives to build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. To help motivate members in 2017, BlueChoice HealthPlan awarded two members with $5,000 each, and more than 1,000 members won gift cards totaling more than $65,000! BlueChoice® representatives paid a visit to our grand prize winners and here's what they had to say:

David Gwin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, BlueChoice; April R., Grand Prize Winner;
Marisa Butler, Marketing Product Manager, BlueChoice

“Overall I think FOCUSfwd is a great program and is very easy (to use). I love the rewards, but I love feeling better even more!” – April R.

William Cason, President of The Cason Group; Tim Vaughn, President and COO, BlueChoice;
Daniel T., Grand Prize Winner; David Gwin; Marisa Butler

FOCUSfwd is great for encouraging people to work out and visit their doctor for screenings. The rewards were great and it’s easy to win. Almost everyone I know who entered their exercise won at least a $50 Amazon gift card at some point. Some won more than that! It’s a great way to be reminded of how to live healthy and the prizes are a great incentive to stick with it!” – Daniel T.

More Prizes to WIN! 

In 2018, BlueChoice will award even more prizes, including THREE $5,000 grand prizes! Don't miss your chance to win!

We will award:

  • 20 WEEKLY $50 gift cards  
  • 15 MONTHLY $100 gift cards
  • 4 QUARTERLY $1,000 gift cards
  • 3 ANNUAL $5,000 CASH WINNERS (in December)
More Chances to WIN!

You can now earn even more entries within the FOCUSfwd program! More entries equals more chances to WIN! Effective immediately, you will earn three entries for your first completed health coaching call for any of these Great Expectations for health programs: 

Great Expectations for health programs focus on the early detection of illness and the prevention of disease, helping educate you about your overall health.

Get Started!

You and your covered spouses must sign up for the FOCUSfwd program and provide an email address to be eligible to win prizes. 


  • Log in to My Health Toolkit® via desktop or tablet
  • Select the Health and Wellness tab
  • Select the FOCUSfwd Incentive Program link
  • Enter your email address  to be eligible to win

Don't have a My Health Toolkit account? No problem. Creating one takes just a few minutes. Be sure to have your member ID card available.