Weight Management

BlueChoice HealthPlan knows that changing your eating and exercise habits can be tough. Each year, Americans invest billions of dollars in weight-loss diets and gimmicks with disappointing results. So, how do you ensure success? By making slow, gradual changes that can last a lifetime. That’s why we offer our members the Weight Management program, a program that uses proven strategies to help you make lasting changes that lead to long-term results.  
With Great Expectations® for Weight Management, you have access to My Health NovelSM, a personalized program that includes digital tools and support from proven health solutions. 

You'll be matched with helpful resources and tools based on your specific health needs. Whether you're interested in starting new healthy habits or maintaining your weight, the Weight Management program gives you access to care management, nutrition guidance, digital tools, group support and more to keep you on track.  

Ready to get started on your weight-loss goals?

  1. Log in to your My Health Toolkit® account. 
  2. Select Benefits, then My Health Novel.
  3. Take a quick, one-minute assessment. 
  4. You’ll receive your recommended programs and resources available to you. 

More tools to support you on your weight loss journey:

  • Review our Weight Management guide to learn about small steps that can lead to lasting results on your weight loss journey. 
  • Check out special discounts from Jenny Craig* and certain fitness centers offered to you as a BlueChoice member. 

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Other Helpful Links

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