Managing Your Medication

Medications may take some getting used to. You may worry about cost, convenience, side effects or a host of other concerns. But taking your medication exactly as directed is important for managing your health. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Understand your condition. It's important to understand your condition and how your medicine will help manage it. Understanding how a drug works can help you see why taking it regularly is important. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your condition and the medications being used to treat it. 
  • If your medicines are too expensive, ask your doctor about samples or generic alternatives. Generics are safe and effective. Take advantage of one of the lower-cost generic programs through your local pharmacy. 
  • Continue taking your medicine, even if you feel fine. Once you feel better, it's natural to question your need for medicine. If you reduce or stop taking your medication, your symptoms could come back. Never stop taking your medications without discussing it with your doctor first. 
  • Understand how to read the label on your medications. Here's a look at the most common drug label you'll see.