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It's Open Enrollment Time! We offer a Catastrophic plan option for individuals under age 30. It is also available to those eligible for a hardship exemption. These exemptions include events such as a recent family death, bankruptcy filing in the last six months, or fire or flood damage to your property. 

You'll find a summary of this plan's other benefits by clicking on the plan name. This plan offers the same basic vision and preventive dental benefits as all other Blue Option plans. 


Plan List


Plan BenefitsIn Network Only
Deductible (single/family)


Maximum Out Of Pocket (single/family)


Primary Care Physician Services

$25 for first three visits; deductible thereafter

Maternity Care (prenatal and postnatal)


Specialist Visit


Urgent Care


Inpatient Hospital Services


Outpatient Hospital Services


Emergency Room




Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Center


Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Covered as any other medical benefit

Gynecologist Exam (one per benefit year)


Routine Screening Mammogram


Routine Screening Colonoscopy


Prescription Drugs

Tier 0: $0 retail/$0 mail order;
Tier 1: deductible retail/deductible mail order;
Tier 2: deductible retail/deductible mail order;
Tier 3: deductible retail/deductible mail order;
Tier 4: deductible retail/deductible mail order

Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Tier 5: deductible retail/deductible mail order;
Tier 6: deductible retail/deductible mail order

Durable Medical Equipment


Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Habilitation

Deductible; 30 combined visits per benefit year


A BlueChoice HealthPlan-participating facility must provide services. We will treat covered transplants the same as any other medical condition.